Organizational Setup


A Director heads the Centre. The Director is assisted in his day-to-day work by Heads/In charge of various sections, an Administrative Officer and an Assistant Finance & Administrative Officer.

A Research Advisory Committee (RAC) chaired by an eminent scientist and consisting of members including scientists and growers, reviews the research progress and advises on future line of research.

The Institute Management Committee (IMC) chaired by the Director of the Centre considers budget proposals beyond the powers of Director and reviews progress of development and policy issues relating to rights and obligations of staff.

The Institute Joints Staff Council (IJSC) chaired by the Director of the Centre has been constituted as per the provision contained in Article-12 of the Institute Joint Staff Council Scheme, of the ICAR.

The Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC) chaired by the Director of the Centre is responsible to monitor Intellectual Property Management and Transfer / Commercialization of Agricultural Technology Scheme (up-scaling of existing component i.e. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) under ICAR Headquarters Scheme on Management and Information Services.

Quinquennial Review Team (QRT) monitors the progress of research, its relevance and excellence and provides guidelines for the ICAR for taking steps for fulfillment of the mission and achievement of the goals of the institute.

Priority Setting, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (PMC) chaired by the Director of the Centre decides institute research priorities based on recommendations by RAC, QRT and accordingly formulate research projects based on the thrust areas identified in Vision document.

Institute Research Committee (IRC) with Director as the Chairman directs, evaluates and monitors the new and ongoing research projects of the Centre based on the guidelines given by the Research Advisory Committee. All the Scientists of ICAR-NRC for Grapes are members of IRC.

The Core Committee for Farm Management chaired by the Director monitors all farm management activities.

The Institute Variety Release Committee (IVRC) chaired by the Director recommends release of new varieties developed at the Centre.